The Flight Rules That Every Bursa Virtual Airlines Pilot Has To Follow

In this article, we introduce some basic rules that Bursa Virtual Airlines pilots need to obey. This way you will learn how to fly without breaking any laws and regulations right away.

  • The pilot must have basic knowledge about the aircraft and the type of flight

    • A pilot must have a basic knowledge of the aircraft and the type of flight in order to be able to fly safely. There are different types of aircraft, and each one has its own flight characteristics. For example, a small aircraft like a Cessna 150 is very different from a large commercial airliner like a Boeing 747. The same is true for different types of flights, such as takeoffs and landings. A pilot must understand how the aircraft will behave in different situations and be able to react accordingly.


  • Must have working equipment for the flight

    • Before taking off in a Bursa Virtual Airlines plane, pilots must ensure that all equipment is in working order. This includes the radio, navigational aids, and other systems necessary for safe flying. Pilots should also be familiar with the aircraft's emergency procedures in case something goes wrong during the flight.


  • Must follow instructions on the paper

    • All Bursa Virtual Airlines pilots must follow the instructions on their aircraft briefing papers. These papers contain vital information about the flight, and failure to follow them may result in an accident. The papers will detail the specific procedures that must be followed for each stage of the flight, and all pilots are expected to adhere to them. any deviations from the procedures detailed in the papers must be approved by a senior pilot or controller before they are carried out.


  • The pilot is not allowed to fly out of the designated territory

    • In order to maintain a high level of safety, Bursa Virtual Airlines pilots are not allowed to fly outside of the designated territory. This helps to ensure that our pilots are familiar with the airspace and terrain in the areas where they are flying. Additionally, this policy helps to prevent accidental incursions into restricted airspace.

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