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       Bursa Virtual Airlines was based firstly on FSAirlines system in 23rd September 2008 and after it was accepted in IVAO in 09th January 2009, started to fly as online in IVAO. Bursa Virtual Airlines, IVAO code is BUH, goes on its activities with 24 pilots and Goals of Bursa Virtual Airlines which has members diffirent age are;


  • When doing a great hobby, enjoying the time and making new friends.
  • Canalizing the youngs who love the sky to get aviation people in future.
  • Generalizing virtual aviation.
  • Representing Turkey in IVAO best.


Fleet Information;

Bursa Airlines VA is opearating with;

Airbus 319-100 TC-FCC
Airbus 320-200 TC-FCE/FCK
Airbus 321-100 TC-FCF/FCA
Airbus 330-300 TC-FCJ
Airbus 340-600 TC-FCY, in Atatürk HUB,

Boeing 727-100 TC-FCL
Boeing 737-400 TC-FEL/FEM
Boeing 737-800NG TC-FCD/FCH
Boeing 737-900ER TC-FCI
Boeing 747-800I TC-FCM
Boeing 777-300ER TC-FCN
Douglas DC83 TC-JBZ, in Yenişehir HUB, for Domestic and International Scheduled Flights

ATR 72-500 TC-FCG
Cessna Citation X TC-FCV
Bombadier LearJet 45 TC-FCO
Beech King 350 TC-FCP
Cessna 152 TC-FCU
Cessna 172 TC-FCR/FCS
Cessna 182 TC-FCT
Diamond 20 Katana TC-FCZ/FDA
Diamond 40 Katana TC-FDB/FDC
Diamond 42 Twinstar TC-FDD/FDE
, in Yunuseli HUB, for Regional, Training and Special Flights (included air taxi service)

- We serve all over the world, scheduled,training and special flights.

Bursa Airlines VA
"Future Here"

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